Senza sottotitolo - 2012

After painting a white monochrome with the writing “Su ciò di cui non si può parlare si deve tacere”, final proposition (n.7) in Italian of the "Tractatus logico-philosophicus" by Ludwig Wittgenstein, ZEROZAK places it in the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna (GNAM) in Rome as a work of art on display. On the plate there's the name of another artist, Ludovico Arguziagene Di Pietra (1889-1951), the Italianized name of the Austrian philosopher (with the correct dates of his birth and death), and also the date 1921, year of publication of the "Tractatus", together with the inventory indication (prop. n.7) referring to the final proposition of the book. The hoax isn't immediately claimed, but a video with a radio comment testifies the monochrome has remained at GNAM more than a week before someone removed it.

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